Environmental work is how we  got our  start, and it remains a core element of what we offer to all our demolition clients. Our staff is cross-trained in both demolition and environmental work, which means they can recognize and head off potential problems before they start. That helps you avoid liability, delays and costs.

We are qualified to handle tank removal and installation, soil remediation and the extraction and disposal of a broad spectrum of hazardous materials, including:

  • Asbestos – There are over 3,000 building products that contain asbestos. From floor tile, pipe insulation, boiler insulation, spray on acoustical insulation, etc. our crews are trained to handle it all. Work areas are contained and asbestos removed using state of the art HEPA filtration equipment in accordance with all State, Federal and local regulations. Documented inspections after completion of work creates a paper trail that protects the Owner and Contractor alike.
    • We are licensed as an asbestos contractor in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Ohio, Mississippi and Massachusetts.
  • PCBs – PCB’s are typically found in light ballasts and heavy duty transformers that we can dismantle, clean and transport off site for disposal or recycling at an EPA licensed facility.
  • Mercury – From florescent light tubes to thermostats and various types of control circuits, our crews package and transport mercury containing materials to EPA licensed recycling facilities.
  • Freon – EPA requires that only trained and licensed personnel remove refrigerant from cooling systems prior to demolition. Our personnel carry this certification and equipment needed to recover and properly recycle all forms of refrigerant.
  • Solvents, oils and acids, etc – Our HAZMAT trained personnel can identify, package and transport any form of hazardous and/or regulated material. These wastes are managed using the most stringent EPA and US DOT regulations and are only disposed and/or treated at licensed facilities. Proper shipping manifests are completed prior to transport and disposal receipts provided to the client.